Slash Cooling Expense

Slash Cooling Expense

Energy saving window film.

HanitaTek Energy saving & Protective Window Films. Solutions for reducing solar heat gain,…

Reduce Slip & Falls

Reduce Slip & Falls

Wear resistant floor protection.

Lower floor care costs by as much as 90%. Extend the life of almost any floor. Lower Slip and fall…

Zytrel Next Generation Hand Hygiene

Zytrel Next Generation Hand Hygiene

Reduce germ transmission and unhealthy work environments.

Lower absenteeism and health costs with our broad spectrum hand sanitizers and soap that protect you from person to person…

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Governments Retrofit Buildings to Save Money and Energy January 2, 2012 By   Michael Haviland, construction and maintenance superintendent for the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), calls retrofitting the agency’s 50-year-old headquarters building in downtown Sacramento the “ultimate recycling project.” The $130-million renova…




The Industry's ONLY

Once Applied Ceramic Coating

That replaces traditional floor finish

and lasts ... for years ... and years


NEVER burnish or reapply floor finish

Will NEVER yellow

Increases friction co-efficient even when wet

Is chemical, sanitizer, urine, scratch AND stain resistant

Lower floor care costs by as much as 90%

Extend the life of almost any floor

Lower slip and fall liabilities

The ONLY floor protection with a 3yr Wear Through Warranty

More than 2.2 million American's seek emergency room treatment each year for an accidental fall making falls the leading cause of emergency room visits.

Every 8 seconds, someone is injured as a result of a slip and fall to which more than 21,000 people will die each year.

The estimated annual cost of falls is $60-80 billion.

Protect your customers, employees and business from expensive preventable slip and fall liabilities.

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